Roof Rack

Even Sky is a height-adjustable roof rack. It is particularly suitable for cars with a roof tent, as the support surface can be brought into an absolutely horizontal position by means of the adjustable roof rack.

This leads to optimised sleeping comfort.

Short description of the invention

When you spend the night in the roof tent on road trips, your sleep suffers if the car is not parked on level ground. The levelling roof tent rack, Even Sky, has a front and a rear cross strut that are attached to the roof of the vehicle. Starting from these cross struts, two independently height-adjustable scissor-like lifting devices are used to align the entire roof tent or any other object on it exactly horizontally.


Diese kurze Animation zeigt wie der EvenSky Dachgepäckträger funktioniert.
Advantages of the invention


improved sleeping comfort

The four-fold lifting device located on the outer edges of the carrier ensures a stepless, exact and, if necessary, absolutely horizontal adjustment of the supporting surface.

This significantly improves sleeping comfort in the roof tents on it.

little technical effort

In contrast to complex and expensive level lift devices that have to be integrated into the vehicle, maximum benefit is achieved here with little effort.

safe & reliable system

The system levels absolutely safely and provides a permanently stable and reliable support surface.
In addition to being the basis for a roof tent, Even Sky can of course also be used for transporting bulky objects, as the roof rack function is still given.

uncomplicated Application

It is no longer necessary to lift and adjust the car, which is time-consuming and costly.

Scope of application

Area of application

Road Trips

when travelling by car


cars with roof tents

3d Visualizations


Property right


Type of protection: EU patent registration
Reference number: 20203157.1

Main claim:
Roof tent carrier (10) for a passenger car (1) comprising a front cross strut (11) and a rear cross strut (12), the front cross strut (11) and the rear cross strut (12) each having at both ends a fastening device (13) for fastening the cross struts 5 (11, 12) directly to the passenger car roof or to two roof rails (2) fixedly mounted on the passenger car roof, characterised in that the roof tent carrier (10) further comprises a levellable upper structure (14), on which a tent is mounted or can be mounted, two front lifting devices (15, 15') and two rear lifting devices (16, 16'), the two front lifting devices (15, 15') and the two rear lifting devices (16, 16') being arranged in each case between the upper structure (14) and the front cross strut (11) and the rear cross strut (12), respectively, for levelling the upper structure (14).

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